PAP candidate Desmond Choo at the Hougang by-election rally: “My vision for Hougang is that it’s a place that’s truly cared for”

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Part 2  ( in English)

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20th May 2012 By-Election Desmond Choo Rally Speech
Dear people of Hougang, good evening!

[Story of GE Defeat]

You have become my family.  I will not walk away.

A lot of work to be done in Hougang.  We need covered linkways and sheltered drop-off points. Our elderly need places to exercise and our children need places to run and play. Families should also not have to worry about basic maintenance issues.

Residents tell me that sometimes someone listens to them, but nothing is done.  I just cannot sit back and see this continuing. As far as I’m concerned, something needs to be done.

That’s why over the last year, I have worked hard to bring about change in people’s lives. For the needy and the elderly, I have provided TCM consultation for $1, subsidised healthcare and upgraded their toilets to be more elderly friendly.

For families finding it hard to make ends meet, I have introduced programmes to help them with healthcare expenses and transport costs for their children. I am happy to share that a pilot programme targeted at helping children get better PSLE grades is now a full-fledged programme.

And there’s more to come.

I worked hard to raise funds from many private donors, sponsors and businesses. I pushed and fast-tracked other government-funded schemes to Hougang.  I also worked with charitable organisations on projects to benefit the residents of Hougang.

So, is it wrong to implement initiatives to help residents? 

I have met many Hougang residents – from all walks of life and many of you are here with me tonight.  Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your hopes, dreams, and concerns.  I want you to know that I have listened to you, and I have, and will continue to act to see how I can help to achieve your hopes, fulfil your dreams, and allay your concerns.

I know that there are issues you worry about daily, for example, wages, healthcare, cost of living, old age and retirement.  I worry about them too.  The government is working on these issues and I amongst others, will constantly pressure them.

I have done all that I can in my current role but I know that there is still more to be done. The Workers Party are confident that I would still continue my work, regardless of the outcome of this By-elections. They know I will.

Would they do the same?

Let’s go to the heart of what this election is about.  It is about Hougang residents exercising their free choice once again – to choose that one person who serves the needs of this community best.

My Vision

I have a vision for Hougang.  I have a plan.  My vision is for an Hougang that truly cares for you and your family.

Where you can walk from one place to another, without getting soaked in the rain.

Where you can leave your children in good hands, while you work worry-free.

Where your elderly parents can have access to good medical help, and activities to keep them active as they enjoy their retirement.

Where families can enjoy open spaces and greenery

Where we can harness the energy of our youth and help them grow to become successful fulfilled young adults.

Where your MP does more than just make grand speeches.

Residents of Hougang you must remember that you are choosing more than a voice in parliament. That is possibly the easy part.

You are also choosing someone to run Town Council effectively.

To deliver solutions to problems not just talk about them.

To have the youthful energy to see things through, even if it takes a while.

To have someone who is committed to the long term future of Hougang.

What I will do as an MP

If I am elected to be your MP, I will raise your key concerns – on inflation, on foreign workers, on healthcare, on education to government and fight for issues close to your heart.

I feel strongly about the incomes of low wage workers. Much more needs to be done to raise wages. Government can take the lead in effecting change. Better contracts that provide for better employment terms.

I feel strongly about helping families. For example, introducing insurance for unborn babies. Better support for working parents. Better childcare support such as dedicated spaces for childcare where we can manage the rent to ensure affordability.

I feel strongly about helping the elderly. They should not be left to fend on their own. Healthcare concerns are a big concern especially outpatient costs.

I feel strongly about helping and engaging the youth, so that they can be part of a new Hougang. We will also help those youth who are financially strapped to have equal opportunities.

Choose the person who best represents your values and your hopes.  Choose the person who has already demonstrated his willingness to serve you.

Hougang residents – you have become an integral part of my life. To me, you are like family. I come here to understand, to humbly serve, to contribute.

To my Hougang Family, I have, I am, and will always be here for you.

Vote for me and for a brighter future for Hougang!

Source : 20th May 2012 By-Election Desmond Choo Rally Speech


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