Response to Netizen’s Roy Chan’s Posting on PM Lee Hsien Loong on the Hougang By-Elections – Davian Lee

Netizen Roy Chan writes this damn garang posting to PM Lee. I thought of writing a reply note to this but I think putting my reponse inline will make it more comprehensible as the average reader will be able to look at both sides of the arguement and decide for himself. Afterall, we are all rational Singaporeans, aren’t we?

[Roy Chan writes]

” Mr Lee,

I am personally disappointed with your statement particularly the part about YSL’s expulsion. You are privy to the President’s issuance of the Writ of Election, hence your statement is clearly prepared in advance and timed to deliver maximum impact to your party’s advantage. In your statement, you attributed 40% of it to petty politics, you accused WP of not giving Singaporeans “a full and proper account of what happened”, and you put the blame squarely on WP for the need for a by-election. You have conveniently and selectively forgotten or ignored the fact that WP had delivered a press conference as closure.”

[Davian Lee responds]

Roy, your timeline of events behind the YSL issue is wrong to start with. With such a flaw in your assessment, it puts doubt and short-sightedness in your posting from the word “go”. Firstly it is common knowledge that PM had already addressed the YSL issue  in a interview to media immediately after the YSL issue surfaced. His sentiments around the expulsion of YSL was also shared quite early on so I am not sure what you mean in saying that his statement is timed. Obviously you were not present in the press conference and neither paid attention to the content of the press conference as what was delivered in the press conference was inconclusive. LTK or senior members of the WP were not able to provide details of the investigation nor were they able to ascertain whether or not the rumours were true. In fact, one Pritam Singh also mentioned that ” we had to act quickly because we were not sure what other information the media had”… hmmm. what does this mean? So if the media did not have enough info, WP would have kept YSL in the party and turned a blind eye to the issue? What about the WP member who YSL has an affair with? Was she expelled? Who was she? Where was YSL? Didnt WP know of this considering YSL was a married man and was having an affair with a WP member? Are you really so blind as to not be able to see what is happening in your own backyard? These questions are not answered and still today remain a mystery so the press conference that WP gave is far from a closure. Hougang residents and Singaporeans need to know. 

[Roy Chan writes]

Take off your party hat for a moment and tell me if our PM looks statesman-like? Have you given Singaporeans “a full and proper account of what happened” and why you decided not to call for by-election in past cases involving PAP MPs? Has anyone explained to Tanjong Pagar residents, whom I am one, why our respectable statesman LKY should still be our MP even in his twilight years knowing full well he cannot serve us in anyway (MP Indranee is running MPS for him) apart from gracing certain occasions as VIP? I have yet to hear of any reasonable explanation why opposition MPs cannot be the offical grassroots advisor to PA yet the losing PAP candidate can.

[Davian Lee responds]

Since when looks had to do with anything? If thats the case, then the whole team of WP would have lost Aljunied and Nicole Seah could have unilaterally brought NSP to a victory. I am pretty sure Singaporeans realise that statemanship is based on intellect, abilities and passion to serve. I believe in the previous cases involving PAP MPs, first of all were a result of deaths of the MPs. Nowhere in history as any PAP MP vacated his office or “[breaking] the faith, trust and expectations of the Party and People. YSL remains the first MP, an a WP MP i must add, serving for 284 days in the office and the first MP to be ousted for the above reason. In addition, the past PAP cases were all occurences in a GRC which allowed the other MPs to step in and support the constituency which lost the MP. In Hougang’s case, its an SMC. Perhaps, if it was in Aljunied GRC, things might have played out differently. I do not think you are in any position to question the LKY. Singaporeans very well know what he hs done for Singapore and we are all very well aware of what he brings to the table for the government and the party even in his twilight years. The question I have for you is, as he left his seat vacant such that you were not able to recieve help? DO you know of any residents around you who were not able to get the help that they deserve just because LKY was not there? How has your constituency suffered as a result? Believe if you went to the A&E, and your favourite doctor is not there,  I believe you would still recieve medical attention by another doctor, am I right? 

[Roy Chan writes]

If you care to listen, there are two things you got it wrong. First, you assume how WP dealt with YSL’s case is inadequate. Let me tell you under those trying circumstances, unheard of in our parliamentary history, my view is that WP dealt with it in a way I have never seen anyone in PAP did. Decisive, transparent, accountable, teamwork. They have demonstrated everything our forefathers stood for, and I applaud them for displaying finesse in real life execution. My respect for WP grew many fold since then. To me, being non-partisan, you missed an excellent opportunity to show graciousness and gravitas in applauding your biggest political opponent for demonstrating those qualities instead of following in the footsteps of some of your party members. Secondly, you assume by highlighting their flaws people will be reminded of their imperfections and raise doubts about their ability. The sentiments post GE and PE should have taught you what reverse psychology is about. The more you try to stir and defend as the ruling party, the more people will resent.

[Davian Lee responds]

I agree with you that WP was decisive in the speed of their action. That you got to give to them. Transparency, accountability and teamwork are not traits I will award them at this point. We are still not clear exactly what happened in WP. Neither are we clear as to why Sanjeev and Fazli resigned? We are also still not clear why Dr Poh collected the forms and was the “unofficial” back up to Png. I do not think these are beacon examples of transaprency, accoutability and teamwork, DO YOU? Let’s be fair, do you really thing Singaporeans are so blind that they need the PM to highlight these differences and flaws in order to see the truth? I dun think so. The “ability of WP” was clear to Singaporeans when Show Mao and Pritam plagiarised. The “ability of WP” was clear when Gerald Giam stood dumbfounded during parliament when asked about WP’s proposal for the revision in Ministerial Salary. The “ability of WP” was clear when Pritam Singh said that it was not the job of the WP to look after the poor. The “ability of WP’ was also clear when key members of the party, who represented the party in the past elections, resigned citing discrimination and no respect to seniority. Trust me Roy, ITS CLEAR!

[Roy Chan writes]

Nonetheless, I applaud you for your decision to call by-election although I wish it was sooner. I wish your party well in the upcoming by-election and I wish WP ( The Workers’ Party, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Pritam Singh, Chen Show Mao, Lee Lilian ) success in winning this by-election with an even stronger majority than GE-2011.”

[Davian agrees]

You have hit the nail on its head in attributing the potential victory in Hougang to The Workers’ Party, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Pritam Singh, Chen Show Mao, Lee Lilian and intentionally leave out Png Eng Huat, the candidate! It is clear that Png is riding in the shadows of these WP stalwarts  and is clearly not his own man. What remains unclear is whether a person like Png has the testicular fortitude to hold his ground and run a constituency on his own merit, should he win the by-elections?

Link :  Response to Netizen’s Roy Chan’s Posting on PM Lee Hsien Loong on the Hougang By-Elections – Davian Lee 


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