Before the Hougang By-Election, let’s take a look at Potong Pasir changes after a year.


Before the Hougang By-Election, let’s take a look at Potong Pasir changes after a year. 

At last year’s GE, Mr. Sitoh from People’s Action Party had won back Potong Pasir SMC from Mr. Chiam of SPP. Many Potong Pasir residents were rather complex as they are much fond of Mr. Chiam See Tong since he has been many years in charge of Potong Pasir. However, the residents do look forward for Mr. Sitoh’s contribution as well.

It’s been a year and now Hougang is calling for BE. There are so many things to consider for the Hougang residents since they left another 12 days to cast their vote. Just as the same situation as the residents of Potong Pasir, perhaps, Hougang residents might want to know what has been change over the past year for Potong Pasir. What has been done? What difference has been made for the residents?

Lift upgrading for 48 Blocks of Housing 
There are needs for refurbishment and upgrading on the old housing of this area, which these were the reasons that has been taken into account by the Potong Pasir’s residents in last year’s GE. Mr. Sitoh revealed that over the past year, public places in this district have been put on Led energy saving light bulb, 48 blocks have also been upgraded on the lift and this renovation project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Actively organize fund-raising to help the needy
In addition to the Lift upgrading, Mr. Sitoh and his team are very much keen to work out the welfare funds plans in order to expand assistance to the needy families. For example: he will distribute rice, oil, sugar & daily necessities to the 200 households on time every month. These namely rice, oil, sugar and essential items for the needy families, he is referred it as “Rose Project”. Besides that, the raised welfare funds are also used to distribute aid and grants to residents in need. As there are more than half of all residents aged over 50, they are also working with Tan Tock Seng Hospital to give lectures/talks on health for the elderly in this district.

To establish good connection with the Residents in 1500 days
Mr. Sitoh said that other than the living environment for the residents, he is also very much concern for the connection with his residents. He said “From the first day I was elected, I told my grass-roots team that we have 1500 days to establish a good relationship with our residents and now, 350 days had passed, we should cherish the rest of these days. “

On last Saturday, Mr. Sitoh has made plan for the celebration of Mother’s Day with the residents and the response was very good. He said, on the coming July, he will be also travelling to Malacca with the residents.

Well, it seems that under the management of Mr. Sitoh, Potong Pasir indeed has quietly changed and improved during the past year.

Link : Fabrications About The PAP


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