LOW THIA KHIANG Sec-Gen of Workers’ Party issued an apology hidden in PNG’s campaign pamphlet!

Singaporeans Say

‎”‘Less than a year after the last election, the then newly elected MP Yaw Shin Leong, in refusing to respond to accusations of indiscretions in his private life, broke the faith, trust and expectations of the electorate.

His failure to account to the public and the party was irresponsible and in the process created a crisis of trust in the party.

In this respect, Yaw did not live up to the expectations of the party in its MPs and the decision to expel him from the party was made.

I fully understand the distress the episode has caused to you, the residents of Hougang, including the need for a by-election. For this, I sincerely apologise.”
-Low Thia Khiang*

….at the 2011 GE, the PM apologised.

At the 2012 BE, it’s LTK turn.

What a coincidence! ~)

*in a letter to Hougang residents in PNG ENG HUAT’s manifesto

by Bryan Ti


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