You mean to tell me it’s not the elected WP MP’ job to care for me ?

“On his own plans, Mr Png said he did not want to waste resources by duplicating such schemes, adding: ‘I’m not i\n a contest to bring in that many programmes here, to see who will win… I may as well look after other needs so we complement.’

Responding to Mr Choo’s comments on Sunday that an MP’s basic job is to take concrete steps in looking after residents’ needs on the ground, Mr Png said the WP has already been doing this. ‘Definitely, we have taken care of Hougang to the best of our abilities.’

Over the past three months, he has knocked on the doors of almost all the Housing Board flats in Hougang, recording residents’ feedback in his ‘little black book’, he said. All the concerns – from cleanliness to spalling concrete – are in the process of being solved, he added.”- ST

…then I have a few questions to pose, on a cool Tues morning:

  • 1. WP is the incumbent in HG. As such, one wonders why PEH speaks of ‘complementing’ his challenger’s community efforts. Does it not sound as if PEH, if elected as HG MP, will not proactively implement programmes to serve HG’s residents’ needs; rather, he will REACT to what his political opponent does for the ward and only attempts to fill in the gaps?
  • 2. It’s been a year since GE 2011. Beyond knocking on doors shaking hands and recording ‘issues’ in his ‘little black book’ and, what community schemes has PEH and his GRC team implemented for the residents of East Coast GRC?

Anyway, if one visits the website for WP’s so-called Hougang Constituency Committee, one sees that the only ‘services’ provided are the standard MPSs and a Hougang Constituency Education Trust which is probably dormant. I cannot see any other welfare schemes that PEH is trying to allude to

by Bryan Ti


by Fabrications About The PAP  



One comment on “You mean to tell me it’s not the elected WP MP’ job to care for me ?

  1. towtan says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Did WP come up with any plan for Aljunied GRC in the last GE ? No ! They smartly rode the wave of anti-PAP and got themselves 5 seats in the parliament. How’s their performance in parliament so far ? Pathetic……….

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