Workers’ Party does not anyhow field in candidate. Are you sure, Mr Low?

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Low Thia Khiang 10 May 2012 – on fielding Png Eng Huat as the candidate for Hougang By-Election:

“Png Eng Huat…. I have known him since, before 2006 elections. But we did not field him as a candidate in 2006 “

Why Not?

“because we knew him too short a time at that point in time where we go into the election in 2006….We observe him for quite some time the way  he work  and we are confident that he is a person integrity, sincere, wanting to serve the people and it fits our criteria as a candidate. Therefore we field him at the last election as a candidate at East Coast GRC.”

“我们已一向来都有很严格的选标准,而最重要的一点就是我们经过一段时间了解一个人之后, 我们才决定他是不是应该成为后选人。。。。基本上我们都遵照这个原折。 。。我们并不随便让任何人成为工人党的后选人。” (loosely translate:- we do not anyhow let anyone become a Workers’ Party candidate)

Responsible indeed. Impressive.

How then do you explain this, Mr Low?

Sajeev Kamalasanan (WP – resigned 14 May 2012) – GE2011, Nee Soon GRC


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