New media- Are we getting smarter AND wiser?

Singaporeans Say

I have to thank this “new media revolution” for letting me have the chance to air my personal views on events and things that’s happening around us. With a small population of slightly more than 5 million, it seems that we certainly have a wide range of opionions on a wide range of issues, none more so than online media. Issues like the high ministerial slalaries, high public housing prices, COE prices etc are getting a lot of activity online.

However, I would just like to draw on a comment by Mr Lee Kwan Yew in 1 of his speeches or in 1 of his books (I’m not sure which one); Singaporeans nowadays are getting more educated, therefore they’re getting smarter, but not necessarily wiser. I’m not quoting him word for word but the gist of the comment, which is we are getting smarter but not necessarily wiser.

There is a…

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