FTW ! For The Win ! – Hougang By-Election

‘If the MP is not up to the mark, the WP is prepared to give them another opportunity to make another choice. And this is what we stand for.’ — Low Thia Khiang

Source : XinMSN ~ WP candidate chosen for Hougang by—election, says Low Thia Khiang

“I don’t think you can say that it doesn’t matter if a candidate turns out to be irresponsible, it doesn’t matter what he is like, if something turns up, something goes wrong and if after a few weeks, we can’t get an answer (from him), ‘we sack him and hope for an early by-election, and don’t worry, we will produce a new candidate.

I think that trivialises what has happened.” — DPM 

Source : Todayonline ~ No surprises, but sparks fly 


Then, Mr Low said this about his protégé, anointed successor, someone whom he knew for 10 years:
“Although I know Mr Yaw’s background, have met his family, and attended the wedding ceremonies of his two marriages, I have neither the means nor the right to investigate his private matters and private life. I am a Member of Parliament, not a private investigator! Mr He said that I should take responsibility for the matters regarding Mr Yaw. May I know how he thinks I should take responsibility?”[1]

Now, he said this about another candidate that joined 6 years ago, in 2006:
“Mr Low described Mr Png, a businessman, as mature and the “right candidate” for the by-election.

Having known Mr Png before the 2006 General Election, and having observed the way he works for some time, Mr Low said he is confident that Mr Png is a person of integrity.”[2]

Has Mr Low became a private investigator this time?

[1] Mr Low Thia Khiang’s response to Forum letter on Lianhe Zaobao. 刘程强答覆早报读者来信

[2] CNA ~ WP fields Png Eng Huat as Hougang by-election candidate

by Fabrications About The PAP



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