1 year on, looking back

1 year on, looking back:
“It is about serving the Residents. Serving the people must go beyond speaking for them. It is about compassion, SERVICE is about ACTION, service is about delivering the best future for the people that we care the most.” — Desmond Choo, Apr 2011 rally.

At a April 30, 2011 rally Desmond Choo Pey Ching made the following promise:

  1.  Local Healthcare and Social Assitance for poor, elderly and under-privileged.
  2. Job Placement Center.
  3. Foster community spirits through engagement.
  4. Improve facilities and introduce new amenities.

Despite being unsuccessful in his election bid, Desmond has delivered:

  • Temasek Times–
    “Despite his busy work schedule, Mr Choo has been visiting Hougang residents almost daily as well as holding his unofficial ‘Meet-the-People’ sessions on Monday evenings at Hougang Community Club.”

Source :  Enigna


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