It’s easy to criticize and complain, but to build is not that easy or it is Not easy at all

Singaporeans Say

So Proud of our PAP Government who led our Home Singapore to such Great Heights where the World knows us and is learning from us and where World’s Financial TV Network Bloomberg has a program called Singapore Session.


In the past, when one tells foreigners we are Singaporeans, they may ask…”where is that place” or know that we are a small poor third world country.

But now, Singaporeans Status have changed in the world, All thanks to our good PAP Leadership! Here I want to Thank PM Lee, and all PAP Leaders (Past, Present, and Future). Thank you very much for leading our Home Singapore to such Great Heights!

Here I would like to share again, which is, our Good PAP Government cares. In our Home Singapore, Basic Human needs are definitely No problem (Food, Drinks, place to sleep) and to earn $900 SGD per month to cover basic needs…

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