DPM Tharman on how we can build an Inclusive Singapore

Building an Inclusive Singapore is at the heart of our mission as the PAP Government.

It is about many initiatives, all aimed at giving everyone a real chance to move up through their efforts, and enabling all Singaporeans to share in our nation’s progress.

We took major steps towards this goal in this year’s Budget, and will make further moves over the next five years…

When we add up all that we are doing, from healthcare to housing subsidies, from Workfare to the new GST Vouchers, the government is providing substantially more resources to uplift and support lower- and middle-income Singaporeans.

But an inclusive society is not just about government redistributing resources to help the poor. Many societies have found that out.

An inclusive society will depend on whether we can keep and strengthen the things that Singaporeans value most – a deep sense of responsibility for our families; everyone aspiring to improve, and parents wanting their children to do better than them; employers treating workers with respect, no matter how simple the job, and rewarding them fairly.

And a inclusive society must also depend on the more successful feeling responsible for others in the community.

We must keep up this spirit of everyone aspiring, and everyone taking responsibility. That’s the only way we will make a truly Inclusive Singapore.

[Excerpt from Petir, April/May 2012]

by   Lawrence Wong

 Link to  Petir :   http://www.pap.org.sg/petir.php 


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