May Day Rally Speech 2012 – PM Lee Hsien Loong

 Lee Hsien Loong

Happy May Day!

Our economy is doing quite well, and unemployment is very low. But I know workers are concerned about issues like the cost of living, our low-wage workers and our ageing workforce. We are tackling these tough issues directly.

At the same time, we must get our overall strategies right. Singapore needs to stay open and connected to the world, as a society and a people. It is the only way for a small country to progress and prosper.

Second, our economy must grow. Not simply by expanding, but by upgrading ourselves, raising productivity and creating better jobs for all. This will give us the resources to build a better Singapore.

Third, all Singaporeans must share the fruits of growth. In particular, we must do our best to help low-wage workers. This is how we build an inclusive society which leaves no Singaporean behind.

I talked about these issues at the May Day Rally. The journey is challenging, but I am confident we will succeed. Let the tripartite partners – employers, unions and government – work as one for a brighter future and a better Singapore!


PM Lee’s 2012 May Day Rally speech at NTUC Downtown East, 1 May 2012.

Link to : Transcript of PM Lee Hsien Loong’s Speech at NTUC May Day Rally on 1 May 2012 at Downtown East



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