We have to show them who is the master to “angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook “

You Voice :

  • This is just one of the many “attacks” the PM has to put up with since his FB page came on-line. It doesn’t take a blind man to notice the “escalating cost of living, overcrowding and crumbling transportation”.
    However, the pathetic individual conveniently forgot to thank the PM for a peaceful Singapore, forgot to thank the PM for the education he had the privilege of obtaining and forgot to thank the PM for a decent healthcare we are able to experience (just to name a few). Such ingrates, but then again, I tend to expect nothing less from such individuals in today’s society.
  • “Name us one country that has yet to be inundated by the wide and far-reaching effects of global change the last decade.”
  • There is absolutely no call whatsoever for such blatant, outrageous disrespect! One may respectfully disagree and express one’s views freely, but not in that manner. It reveals nothing more than the poster’s immaturity and complete lack of civility, ie, the comment speaks volumes for itself.
  • Such attack is not the first and will not be the last.It just goes to show how low these people can go with the false hope they expect from the oppies. To disagree with government’s policies is one thing, to attack the Prime Minister or for that matter, any of our Ministers, is down right low-class.I really hope something can be done to bring such people to their sense. Even if the policy is going to be tough and unpopular, I sincerely hope that MPs will push for it during their closed-door meetings with the Secretary General of the ruling party.For the future of our country, these people cannot be allowed to roam free and attack our policy makers. We have to show them who is the master !

One comment on “We have to show them who is the master to “angry Singaporean scolds PM Lee on Facebook “

  1. Denial says:

    I agree with you in some points. However I have to “respectfully disagree” with you at some others.
    Isn’t it our lawful rights be it in any country that we get security, a standard education and decent healthcare? We are grateful for these stated but what about the other factors like cost of living and insecurities over job retenchment.
    Though some may have been too extreme in their comments, please remember we are the ones bearing the problems at hand. And we are merely expressing our predicaments.
    Hope concerned parties do take our expressions constructively

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