Excuse me, Dr Chee Soon , are you sure? Chee Soon Juan: We do not have political rights (TOC)

Chee Soon Juan the freedom fighter.

from : Enigma 


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  • he talk so much about politics how much he care for the country and people but why dun want to get himself discharge of bankruptcy so that he can run the election?
  • TOC is now SDP leaning not withstanding the new Chief editor’s claimed that he has resigned from SDP.
  • I think the tittle should read “Chee Soon Juan does not deserve political rights”. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, he is a Manipulator and is an expert in undermining the gov.
  •  It’s funny that only the 40% should be accorded political rights against the government and the 60% do not have political rights to have the ruling party they want?
    It’s selective democracy another highbred of “elitism” for these “freedom fighter”
  •  It’s either he and his gang have their brand of political rights or we have ours … in this case we get ours, so he just have to deal with it, and I don’t think we are giving it away for sometime yet !
  • My right to my property, life, and health are quite safe. I am allowed my rights to go as far ahead in my life as long as I work hard and achieve it by merit. I am given an excellent education. Our citizens also communicate freely with our MPs and Ministers. Our Press doesn’t spread propaganda. We get to cross reference with local media by reading the New York Times. In the CBD, Financial Times and Bloomberg are available. So those are not rights to him. He defines “Rights’ as being allowed to strike and oppose authority. But why would I oppose authority when I have what I have?
  • Seriously? Is there no political freedom here? Then why aren’t any of my friends who openly voted for the opposition, who openly volunteered in opposition activities arrested yet? And since the opposition supporters keep pinning the blame on everything that is wrong here on the 60.1% who voted for PAP, WHY HAVEN’T THE OTHER 39.9% DISAPPEARED IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT YET?!
  • The minority of the 39.9% is desperately trying to over rule the 60.1%”s right to governance! This is democracy or selective democracy ? Chee Soon Juan and many of the diehards in Tr and, Toc are suppressing the rights of the 60.1%!
  • Isn’t Hong Lim Park reserved for them to use all the time ? What he lacks is not freedom of assembly , he lacks the audiences to listen to him .
    [But because we did not have the freedom of assembly, we could not communicate our policies and the reasons for them, to the people directly. And because we did not, and still don’t, have freedom of the media (which is another political right) our warnings were effectively censored from public discussion and debate] – CSJ
  • The vote we cast every five years is that ultimate, unalienable and unequivocal political right. Unless he is insinuating that the election process in Singapore is also rigged!
  •  It’s simple double standards. The minority refusing to recognise the majority who voted in the present government. Yet Chee Soon Juan got the balls to say their no political freedoms here. By coming up with stupid excuses to cover their losses, he should be the one living in la la land.
  • Dr Chee Soon Juan, if you still dont understand after so many years, Political rights are for those who play by the rules, not those who try to set/ go round the rules.
    May day rally, SDP is only trying to echo what have been discuss over the newspaper, add in a little spices , create as loud a bang as possible and end of the day, No Solution.
    What! No Solution!! When come to this point, they will start to pin point whichever party to be blame just to divert the suppose SOLUTION.
  • More and more bullshit from Chee Soon Juan ! What is he talking about?! He made a huge splash back in December ’92 in the Marine Parade GRC by-election, making speech after speech, night after night, in his bid to get Goh Chok Tong thrown out! No one muzzled him. He was very free with his language (I know: I attended most of his rallies, as he was then a great novelty!!). And he lost, miserably. The voters made their choice. The PAP had nothing to do with his lack of success at the polls.

One comment on “Excuse me, Dr Chee Soon , are you sure? Chee Soon Juan: We do not have political rights (TOC)

  1. sghardtruth says:

    Thanks for the reply and sharing your concern, the clarification as follow :

    1)I don’t recall Chee Soon Juan referring to himself as a “freedom fighter”
    So as to the original post which also never indicated CSJ called himself a freedom fighter.
    But, as you have pointed out “from the comment of an anonymous netizen named “Robert Teh”, is a good indication the image CSJ is attempting to project or has projected.

    Please refer to a post by a SDP member, well know blogger and writer for TOC, Ng E-Jay who wrote the following blog, dated Aug 2011, how he projected CSJ as , he quoted
    “They would never have known that Dr Chee Soon Juan is not a liar and a postage thief, but in fact a freedom fighter and a gentleman. ”

    2)I am now wondering if you made them up yourself……”… “the “voices” of Singaporeans”..
    This blog is 100% “made up” by Singaporeans, gather voices of Singaporeans around the net. Hence and of course they are real.. 🙂

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