What happened to a nation that spends beyond its means?

“The population living on the streets has increased by 25 pct to 17,000-20,000 over just the past two years ”

Excerpts:“Then on YouTube, I saw someone had posted a video of a pregnant woman being ejected from a homeless shelter,” she said. “I was just so shocked. I was thinking, how many unemployed people are going to become homeless? And what kind of society have we become, that we are kicking homeless pregnant women on to the streets?”

“What we had became more important than who we were,” she said. “Always we looked for shortcuts: just give the official some money, everything will be easier. We failed to take responsibility, and no one was ever accountable. And we stopped engaging with politics; we abdicated. Everyone was drunk on this artificial prosperity … It was a party. A big bubble, and now it’s burst. We have to start again, and each one of us has to make it work.”

“I felt like I was living in a movie. My life changed 180 degrees. I was lost, Papadopoulos said, wringing his hands as he recalls how he struggled to find a sleeping place in an abandoned building. The street is unbearable.

Officials say the number of homeless in Greece has increased about 20-25 percent in two years, a staggering rise in a country where adult children often live with their parents and pensions traditionally go to supporting young families. ”

“The Financial Times commented this month: “As Greece’s crisis deepens, the social fabric is showing signs of unravelling, raising questions about how much more austerity the country can take. Job losses, along with pension cuts, have created a new class of urban poor.”

by Fabrications About The PAP


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