New era of freedom of expression : Responsibility and Accountability are often not in the equations.

Your Voice : 

What if someone were to name-call in cyberworld the following :

  1. most MIW supporters are useless monkeys and/or pappy dogs, or
  2. most Alternative party supporters are mindless baboons, or
  3. most Singaporeans are lazy & complacent doodoo birds

You may disagree with the above and feel disgusted, but yeah this is the new era of freedom of expression without crossing established OB markers.

Such name-callings are happening and ever-present, almost always inevitably.
Current OB markers are :

  1. criminal or fraud activities
  2. racial insensitivity, and
  3. religious insensitivity.

In today’s new tech world, ample opportunities are available for groups of dubious intent to extract “anything under the sun” to distort and incite emotions, some self-destructive while others could be malicious. Truthful and sensible logics are often thrown on the wayside, as responsibility and accountability are often not in the equations.

To those bent on creating irresponsible mayhem, it is advisable to :
“Grow up and stop using such incidents to insinuate & incite emotional targeting of specific groups, especially when you have no intention to backup your dubious demeanour”


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