Nature of the beast : (some) Teens and the Youths are, by nature, rebellious and anti-authority

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I happened to watched NHK program yesterday and realized it was about GE2011, and to my shocking (or shall I say now used to it) that some youngsters were interviewed, and 1 young lady, probably still a high school student or may be just started work, so proudly said something like… ” now with social media they can speak up, previously so scared like controlled can’t voice out about government”… and there was a screen showing a social media screen “vote for opposition”… what on earth these young people assume they have found opposition the better way to make their life better than now ! they now enjoy a good life and they want change just because they can’t speak up or what? speak up about what? are they saying opposition have done wonder and they are better than PAP government? totally out of mind !

Comments : 

  • You can trust Singaporean teenagers to embarrass their own country on the foreign media.
  • that’s the nature of the beast….every generation would have this experience.
  • Sometimes i wish they’d bring back the old PAP hardball way of doing things.
  • Times have changed. Can’t alienate the new generation.Yes, come to think of it, we can’t risk handing the country wholesale to the opposition because we maintained out hardline stance. Do we want to lose more votes or are we willing to give a little, win back votes so we can stay on and be able to do our job of running the country? While we must continue to do what we must do to run the country properly, there are times when we have no choice but to “sweeten the deal” somewhat and let the new generation see that we are listening and that we are willing to change, but change must come gradually and must not be detrimental to the country. I guess, tweaking our policies a little here and a little there isn’t too bad. Though some like me would have felt we should maintain the status quo, while others at the opposite end of the spectrum would feel the government is not doing enough, I think after the last GE, we have reach a pretty ideal middle ground. Equilibrium.

    Can’t speak out? Whoever said you can’t speak out? We speak out all the time. We feedback directly to the MPs and Ministers, sometimes straight to their faces. And we don’t face consequences. Why? Because we do it rationally, we don’t slander, we don’t curse, and we are doing it for the best interests of the country. So whoever said he/she can’t speak out obviously hasn’t been living in reality for quite a while.

  • It’s a new generation. And you can win votes from them. But the politics of our country keeps going left. The centre is shifting left. And left means like any Western democracy, where populism spreads, welfarism spreads, govt’s intervene unwisely in economy because the angry constituents demand it, everything the govt must do, every cock-up is govt’s fault, the govt needs to do the right policy but when unpopular they scrap it, they only plan for 5 years to win elections. Already younger Singaporeans prefer this system. And its dangerous. The govt’s inability to defend its position is because they can govern but they are too technocratic. They don’t know how to lead public opinion, frame expectations correctly. In a way, for a govt, managing the people’s expectations and pushing hard policies is like managing your wife. Will your wife ever be cooperative with you if you didn’t know how to play marriage politics? If your wife is unreasonable, and you give in, your relationship doesn’t get better. The govt is in effect giving in to every demand by populist Singaporeans, and like the hen-pecked husband, will face a divorce once people realise that it is weak.
  • MM Lee Kuan Yew could win elections despite playing hardball, because he knew how to handle human relationships. He sets the expectations and plays is prudently. He can afford to take tough legal action because he knows how to frame it in a way people will accept. After the old guard. It is a leadership problem.
  • Teens and the youths are, by nature, rebellious and anti-authority. Thank goodness elections are restricted to those above the age of 21. And hopefully, the matured population in this demographic continue to outnumber the greedy, childish pricks.
  • Agree on what some of these youngsters are thinking nowadays. I honestly think the younger generations have too good a life. A lot of them never encounter any form of suffering before. Taking away their iphones is basically suffering for them. In addition they do not bother to read about what is happening in other countries, don’t know how to appreciate things that they already have. Lastly they feel that rebel is a cool and hip thing, irregardless of whether it makes any sense at all. Of course there will be mature ones as well. But from the GE and PE results, it pretty scary how some youngsters vote.

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